What Happens When Nature Goes Wrong?

In Term 2 we are going to explore the earth as part of a bigger system.  Our question is, ‘What happens when nature goes wrong?’  Can you think of recent and past examples of when nature goes wrong?  What happened to people, animals and the environment?

 natural disaster

What do you know about earths place in space? What is it’s relationship to and within the universe?  Does any of this impact on how nature behaves on earth?



What questions do you have?

Project Compassion


At School we have been participating in a fundraising program called Project Compassion.

Project Compassion  is about raising awareness  for people that are less fortunate than most of us.

You can help people like Favela in Brazil who has a life less wealthy than us, suffering from floods, dark and cramped housing and violence.

Writer’s Notebook

What is a Writer’s Notebook?

A Writer’s Notebook is a wonderful way for writers to organise their thoughts and ideas about WHAT to write.

What do you put in a Writer’s Notebook?

You can include anything that inspires you to write in your notebook.

Movie tickets, poems, pictures, quotes, items from nature, plans and brochures are some items you might like to use.

You can also record your ideas and thoughts in any way you like. You can use dot points, a concept map, paragraphs, key words or sentences.

A Writer’s Notebook must have …

* Three different genre ideas for each entry

Happy writing Grade 6!

I would like to acknowledge Ruth Ayres who created the Youtube video below about Writer’s Notebooks.

What is a 21st Century Learner?

This term we have been exploring learning through the ages, how individuals learn and what is the future learning environment likely to be.  We have looked at Habits of the Mind, GAFE skills, Values and much more.

As part of the students learning they made their parents a Tagxedo about how they learn.


peace taxedoapple taxedoheart taxedodog taxedo

We’d love to hear from you so please complete the sentence,  I learn by …

Genius Hour

Class 6MS is taking part in Genius Hour. If you are wondering what it is watch the video below.

The students in 6MS will be given one hour of class time to research and investigate a topic of their choice.  But the topic that they investigate must follow three  simple rules

  • There needs to be a question that they want to answer that can not be answered by Google.
  • They must do research on their topic
  • They need to share their findings with others.

Within 6MS  students will have the opportunity to work individually or with others in pairs or small groups.


  • What do you like most about Genius Hour?
  • What is the question you are researching?
  • Why did you choose to research this question?


We would like to thank 6EK for sharing this idea with us, it’s a good one!

100 WC – Do you accept the Challenge?

The 100 Word Challenge is a fantastic concept whereby you have an opportunity to be an author and share your writing around the world.  All it takes is 100 words.  Below is a video which explains how you can share your writing with others.


We would like to thank 6EK for sharing this idea with us, it’s a good one!