Blogging Guidelines

Blog Guidelines

Internet safety is of utmost important to us.
Through blogging, the students in 6MS, have the opportunity to learn about appropriate online behaviours in an authentic and supervised setting.
The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging:
  • Students’ first name, photos, work, video and school name MAY be included on the blog(s).
  • Students’ surnames, addresses, email addresses, phone number, specific plans, date of birth and other personal information WILL NOT be included on the blog(s).
  • All comments have to be screened and approved before they are included on the blog(s).
  • Students will be encouraged to comment on other class/student blogs with teacher/parent supervision.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child. Eg. Please identify yourself in comments as “Jane – Sally’s mum” rather than “Jane Brown – Sally’s mum”.
  • All commenters must be polite, respectful and courteous.
  • Others’ work, images, music or videos will not be used without permission and attribution.
  • Parents are asked to proofread comments and posts that students write on blogs at home.

Our blog is a collaborative effort. While Mrs Sedony moderates all comments and posts, please let us know if you think she has overlooked any breeches in our safety guidelines and she will fix it up ASAP.

6MS would like to thank Miss K for her efforts in supporting the creation of this blog.

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