Our Term 4 I.B.L Topic

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What are your thoughts on how we can improve safety related to movement?









20 thoughts on “Our Term 4 I.B.L Topic

  1. Jenny says:

    To improve safety we could perhaps experiment on the different forces of movement and invent/create rules or equipment according to the results.

  2. Laura says:

    I think our topic is a interesting one. I love doing science experiments! I think I am going to get a lot of information out of this question. I wonder what inertia means?

  3. Ruby says:

    I think that in the future scientists will come up with a method that will be able to save lives hen wearing a certain protective wear.

  4. Charlotte Ferns says:

    I think our topic will be very interesting and is a very broad topic. I think we can improve safety related to movement by inventing new road rules and making fines on the road more expensive.

  5. Chrissie David's mum says:

    I love the story about the New York man who saw an experiment on how to remove a cork from an empty bottle and woke up one morning having worked out how to use the same method to help extract a baby from the birth canal. He went to some doctors and explained his idea to them and they agreed with him.

    It is possible that any one of you could find a new way of using something that is already in existence for a different purpose and end up making lots of money from your idea.

    Velcro was invented after someone applied an idea from nature.

    Things that need solving why are there so many more injuries involved in playing football compared to soccer? Could you design a special suit that would prevent some of the injuries from occurring, a bit like iron man’s suit.

    How would you stop the elderly from falling over and breaking their hips? Could you make a device that would hold them upright and keep them moving?

    Do you still need to plaster a broken limb or can you build a special brace that promotes healing just as effectively?

    I think it is great that you are thinking about such an exciting topic and one that could make a big difference in the future. I look forward to seeing your presentations.

    Chrissie, David’s mum.

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