Our Writer’s Notebook Entries

We have been so busy collecting our ‘seeds’ for creative and free choice writing.  Our ‘seeds’ are our ideas and brainstorms that may one day grow into stories and other texts.  Have a look at the ideas we have collected so far.  Underneath them we list our genre and story/text possibilities.  This is to help us when our teachers says, “Today we are going to write a …”  The idea is that we look through our Writer’s Notebook and find a ‘seed’ that matches the task.

writers notebook example 4

writers notebook example 3

writers notebook example 5

writers note book 2

6 thoughts on “Our Writer’s Notebook Entries

  1. Ella 6EK says:

    Hi Class 6MS,

    Your writers notebooks look GREAT!
    I was looking at the pictures and I think I see myself.
    Anyways they look fantastic!

    From Ella

    • grade6js says:

      They can change it as they write their story. Nothing is set in concrete and ideas always change and develop.

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