Our Writer’s Notebook Entries

We have been so busy collecting our ‘seeds’ for creative and free choice writing.  Our ‘seeds’ are our ideas and brainstorms that may one day grow into stories and other texts.  Have a look at the ideas we have collected so far.  Underneath them we list our genre and story/text possibilities.  This is to help us when our teachers says, “Today we are going to write a …”  The idea is that we look through our Writer’s Notebook and find a ‘seed’ that matches the task.

writers notebook example 4

writers notebook example 3

writers notebook example 5

writers note book 2

Genius Hour


genius hour

Our first Genius Hour investigations!

Do you think you could come up with a question that can’t be answered by Google search? it wasn’t easy but it was fun!  Click on a presentation below to view or wonderful research and presentations.

Do we share an everlasting soul by Laura and Jwahrat

Can A Human Cry Under Water By Ruby

Genius hour slide show by Carla Jasmine Felicity and MIksaela

what is a different energy source by David

How many countries have won a medal in the olympics in the last 20 years_-By Charlotte and Tiah


What Happens When Nature Goes Wrong?

In Term 2 we are going to explore the earth as part of a bigger system.  Our question is, ‘What happens when nature goes wrong?’  Can you think of recent and past examples of when nature goes wrong?  What happened to people, animals and the environment?

 natural disaster

What do you know about earths place in space? What is it’s relationship to and within the universe?  Does any of this impact on how nature behaves on earth?



What questions do you have?