Project Compassion


At School we have been participating in a fundraising program called Project Compassion.

Project Compassion  is about raising awareness  for people that are less fortunate than most of us.

You can help people like Favela in Brazil who has a life less wealthy than us, suffering from floods, dark and cramped housing and violence.

Writer’s Notebook

What is a Writer’s Notebook?

A Writer’s Notebook is a wonderful way for writers to organise their thoughts and ideas about WHAT to write.

What do you put in a Writer’s Notebook?

You can include anything that inspires you to write in your notebook.

Movie tickets, poems, pictures, quotes, items from nature, plans and brochures are some items you might like to use.

You can also record your ideas and thoughts in any way you like. You can use dot points, a concept map, paragraphs, key words or sentences.

A Writer’s Notebook must have …

* Three different genre ideas for each entry

Happy writing Grade 6!

I would like to acknowledge Ruth Ayres who created the Youtube video below about Writer’s Notebooks.